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5 Things That May Soon Turn Mobile World Upside Down

We are on the verge of a serious revolution in the mobile world. Read about 5 changes we can expect in 3-5 years from now.

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The mobile world seems to be changing and developing way faster than for example web and PC ones.

Try to think about your first smartphone – what kind of features it had? How big was the screen? Compare it to what you have now in stores.

Brands and models considered not worth any attention two years ago now catch up with the top ones. Multiple fantastic features appeared and many people don’t even know about them!

We are on the verge of a serious revolution and there are five symptoms signalling that in 3-5 years from now, the mobile world will be completely different compared to what we have now.

1. Shift change

I remember when I was choosing a new phone two years ago I smiled at e.g. Honors, Huaweis, Xiaomis indulgently and was rather focusing on Samsungs and LGs.

Two years passed and I’m crazy about my Honor and follow incoming releases impatiently. Every quarter I try to check what is going to be introduced to the market and I have to say that brands that two years ago were far far behind every reasonable device, are now being trendy and, most important, equally (or better) equipped as well-known ones. If you ask me I would say if Samsung, LG or Sony don’t wake up, they may join Nokia in the sleepy-heads club very soon.

2. Foldable phones

This one is absolutely unavoidable. We love big screens – the bigger the better. Currently, manufacturers try to outdo each other when it comes to the screen-to-body ratio (<sarcasm> thank you for the notch!</sarcasm>).

With foldable phones, there’ll be no problem with small resolution screens at all.
Want to text or call someone? Fine, here’s your small and handy device. Want to watch Netflix during the brake? Sure thing, turn your phone into a tablet in two seconds!

I would suggest waiting some time until proper and defect-less devices will be released but then I will definitely give them a go!

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3. FuchsiaOS

Android is great (trust me, I’m a fanboy), but sometimes I have a feeling that it needs some polishing and I don’t mean another update.

It seems that Google thinks the same since gossips can be heard they are to develop a brand new OS called Fuchsia. Some time ago they shared a repo of it on Github allowing people to take a peek into the code and see what their plans are. The very very first look is intriguing. It looks nothing like Android and little birdies tell that Fuchsia will be available not only on smartphones but also on Chromebooks and other Google-related devices.

To me, it looks like Google finally noticed that what they lack in comparison to Apple’s offer is the whole universe of devices connected by one OS. With the new OS come newly designed App developed in…

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4. Flutter

Yes! The first cross-platform solution that is not repelling but actually very convincing. Flutter allows you to develop your app having only one codebase, and release it on both Play Store and App Store! And all this in an extremely short period of time compared to native solutions! This means cheaper development which results in more apps! Users won’t be sentenced to web anymore, old applications will be rewritten and will fork faster and smoother than now!

Of course, users probably won’t even notice that difference but the development industry is even now, one month after Google officially released Flutter, eager to use it. Read the article about Pros and Cons of Flutter from a business perspective.

5. PWA Apps

I know, this solution has been around for quite some time. PWA (Progressive Web App) is a web-based mobile app.

Currently, if you have your favorite blog you have to remember to check it once in a while in order to be up to date, you have no notifications. If you buy a train ticket via a web app and loose connection, then your ticket is gone until the Internet is back again but just imagine a website working similarly to an app.

You will have push notifications, an internal cache, you can launch it from the desktop – this is all available with PWA apps. No more annoying popups with commercials, cookies, GDPR info covering 99% of the content, no more slow web browsers with a gazillion of bookmarks, just simple, fast, and smooth app-like sites. I can’t really wait.

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Wrap up

So, you see the future of mobile world seems to be interesting – there are things to wait for, there are even now things worth trying. As a user and a person who makes his own contribution to the mobile world, I’m happy with the way everything goes. A mobile phone is really a very personal device and it must be as user-oriented as possible and I’m glad that manufacturers and developers understand that, and hope it will result in even more outstanding solutions soon.