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The app helps a user to choose the cheapest mobile plan, based on actual phone usage: calls, messages and data transfers

Android | Backend


Design and build an app that smoothly analises the phone usage and proposes the best alternatives for mobile plan from current market offer.


One of the most advanced usage tracking and analyzing app in the mobile market. Both mobile part and back-end are responsible for very complex calculations of data from many different sources (calls, data transfers, messages) to provide the user with as accurate info as possible to pick and order the cheapest plan.


Droids On Roids is a very transparent and trustworthy company. They adapt to our needs well, understand our issues as customers, and are very committed to finding the right solution for the Spanish market. I recommend them fully.

Phillip Grønvold Operations Manager

App screens

App features

Back-end, Admin Panel & API

Custom system to process the newest offers along with the phone actual usage

Billing cycle calculation

All the calculations are adjusted to the user billing cycle

Custom charts

Present the actual usage of current plan after each activity from the phone

Alternative offer's calculation

User can start easily the process of ordering the cheaper offer from the market

Alert notfications

User receives alerts when approaches the limits for calls and data transfer

Data differentiation

The usage of data transfer, texts, mobile calls, landline calls, international and special numbers calls is tracked and reported in the billing

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