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Social app for positive and supporting community allowing teenagers to express themselves without feeling judged

Impactful Digital Product

App helps students in their everyday life

A-Z Product Development Services

Client consulted, designed and developed product in one place

Fast Time To Market

The whole solution was developed in four months


Domenico works as a consultant at large institutions, while Gino is a drummer.

They have noticed a problem. Nowadays, youngsters can face both loneliness and hatred in their everyday life. It is causing increasingly serious problems and severe consequences. Domenico and Gino wanted to do something about it and came up with the idea to build a helpful app, wherein the youngest would get help from their peers.

Who knows more about what students are going through than other students? Who knows more about helping youth through their challenges than their peers?

Domenico and Gino had an idea of solving the problem, but they didn’t know how to build digital products.

They learned about Droids On Roids from a former client of ours. They wrote to us and asked if we could help.



First, we wanted to understand the goal and the problem. We proposed a workshop to clarify the details. There, we concluded that we needed to go back to the target audience to learn more about their needs and design the appropriate features.

In total, we did three workshops before the development phase, which were preceded by a survey of the target group.

Secondly, we educated Domenico and Gino on the process of building a digital product and helped them refine the scope. We gethered the right team and presented a timeframe and a cost estimation.

Fully informed, Domenico and Gino gathered the necessary budget for the app and came back ready to start building.

The product team created a backend for the administrator and a mobile application for students.

The app has been released and is being pilot-tested in several schools.

After the fine-tuning phase, the client will be ready to increase the number of users.

We keep our fingers crossed that the product will achieve its goal. We hope it will reduce the pressure and loneliness among younger groups.


Their communication is very clear, and they are very accommodating. They are a very easy company to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to develop an app. I’ve been most impressed by their organization. Their open communication policy is noteworthy, as is their willingness to work with us and implement our vision accordingly without leading us astray or going down a different path. They really want to see our vision come to life, and they’ve not only been accommodating but also encouraging.

Domenico Pilato, Gino Di Leva CEO & CMO BPlucky

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