The AiHire app enables companies to identify and hire top candidates from the market


Our challenge

Create a fast and seamless assessment’s experience through mobile

Our solution

High-performance mobile app linked to web-based assessment platform


It's more the exception than the norm that a vendor “under-promises” and “over-delivers” but that is exactly what Droids On Roids did! Because they are relationship driven, their professionalism and ability to deliver our project on time and on the budget were exemplary and second to none. It's pretty simple if you want an amazing mobile app delivered within budget, according to spec and on time you call Droids On Roids. Period!

Mark Derugeriis Founder of Ai Hire

App Screens

App Features

Cognitive assessment

Custom, research-based cognitive assessment implemented

Data management

The advance solution for data downloading, storing and synchronising

Social plugins

Integrations with top social media networks

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