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Event App for let Swift – one of the biggest cyclical iOS developers meetup in Poland

iOS | Design | Backend


Our goal was to create an app for iOS developers community gathered around let Swift meetup in Wroclaw. It’s one of the biggest cyclical iOS developers meetup in Poland and the biggest one in Lower Silesia.


The app allows let Swift organizers to share information about events & speakers with the community. User can confirm his interest in a particular event, add a reminder about it, check out speakers bio & subjects of their speeches, or view event photo galleries.

App screens

App features

All events in one app

Users can easily find information about any let Swift event without ever leaving the app

Adding reminders

Add reminder about the event to be sure you won't miss it

Speakers & talks details

Check out event speakers, their bio and details of their speeches

Event photo gallery

Photo galleries can bring us back to the great past events

Log in with Facebook

User can easily log in using his Facebook account

Contact with organizers

Fill in a contact form and get in touch with let Swift team

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