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Custom iOS Keyboard improving mental health outcomes through a digitally enhanced platform that delivers personalized just-in-time intervention

76 calendar days

Time to Market


Number of available languages


Faster way to develop native apps


The challenge was to develop a custom iOS keyboard as similar to the native keyboard as possible.

The keyboard is the part of the application that is collects data from the user based on the text typed. The user is a patient undergoing psychotherapy. The application, through an algorithm monitors the mental state of the patient and connects him to the doctor.


Custom iOS keyboard built as an extension to the existing app called VIRA. The keyboard gathers text, which the user is typing on the phone in daily routines and  passing entered data to the main app, where all information is being analyzed and sent to API. The keyboard has similar speed and fluidness to the original iOS keyboard.



Droids On Roids is a dream partner for mobile app development. They have an outstanding project management process. We’ve been extremely impressed with their team. They have great communication skills and provides clarity on the needs of the project. Their strong development skills combined with their cost-effective services make them a reliable partner.

Nick Allen Co-Founder, CEO

App screens

App features

Well-known design

Created to support all keys and letter modifiers from the original Apple keyboard.

Light and Dark mode

The keyboard matches your system appearance with light and dark mode support.

Emoji keyboard

Have quick access to all Emojis available on your iOS device.

Advanced predictive text

Type faster with live predictions. Choose a new word for your sentence or finish typing by choosing one of the three predicted words.


Type fast and don’t worry about typos. The keyboard will fix all mistyped words.

Custom text replacement support

Use custom text replacements defined in the iOS Settings app.

Swipe to Type

When you swipe type, you don't have to lift your finger from the keyboard between key presses.

Voice to text input

Voice In enables voice typing

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