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App for a retailer to manage and promote an account on Looksie – Marketplace for handmade goods


Client wants to help small businesses to be found in the local community using social media mechanisms and eliminate various tools in their work to make it more organized. 


During the workshops, we helped the client clarify the product’s vision. We suggested developing two mobile apps for the seller and buyer. The seller app allows small businesses to set up their online store, take control of orders and payouts, interact with fans and connect directly with them. A unique approach to the Shopper App helps small businesses be discovered by new customers and generate revenue quickly.


The client has released the applications to the market and is gathering feedback from early vendors and customers.


Their collaborative approach has made Droid On Roids a trusted partner. They're accommodating, skilled, and timely. Customers can expect a team that truly listens and invests in their clients.

Hashem Alshakhas Founder & CEO, Looksie

App screens

App features

Setup online store

Add and edit your products easily using categories

Share posts

Keep your fans up-to-date by publishing posts and matching products

Get notifications

New order or question from your customer? We will inform you!

Analyze your data

Dashboard helps you to check overall business performance

Manage orders & payouts

Control your orders, make returns and check weekly payouts

Chat and connect

Connect with your customers directly and instantly

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