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The Loop App connects to the Wi-Fi display and allows you to seamlessly share video, photos & video chat with your friends and family

iOS | IoT | Android | Backend

“Loop makes a new argument for the connected home display”

“The retro-looking display has a few modern surprises”

“The 9 coolest gadgets from this year’s CES”


Our goal was to develop an app for a Wi-Fi Display (Android), an iOS app for managing it, and backend for supporting these products. The biggest challenge – the user should be able to upload any amount of media files to any amount of channels – this consumes an enormous amount of memory and bandwidth. At the same time, we had to make sure that the app is still responsible while the upload is progressing.


In iOS app development, we decided to use highly efficient tools like Realm or Texture which covered the database notifications and UI respectively. When it comes to Display development – it doesn’t have a touchscreen – so the whole navigation we were developing had to match this device’s characteristic. We created our own custom architecture dedicated to Loop app. In backend development, we created a client direct upload flow using AWS services like S3, Lambda, and Elastic Transcoder.


We especially value Droids On Roids for their responsiveness, smooth communication, and really agile approach – they reacted quickly to our guidelines, which were ever-evolving during the development.

The last, but not least asset of our partner was their transparency – we knew exactly how much the team works and what we were paying for.

Brian Gannon CEO at California Labs, Inc.

App screens

App features

Content from many users

The content uploaded on the Loop can be added by different users at the same time.

Remote set-up & control

Set up and control your Loop remotely from any phone with the Loop App.

Displaying photos & video

On your Loop, you can display photos & videos uploaded by your friends and family, as well as from their social media channels.

Manual content management

Quickly skip through photos and videos using the Browse dial. Thanks to the Channel knob you can flip through channels like on a classic TV.


Your Loop always lets you know when someone sends you photos or videos, creates a channel or wants to start a video chat.

Video chatting

You can call your friends and family by starting a video-chat between two Loop Displays or between a Loop Display and a smartphone.

Photo transitions

On your Display you can view photos with the Ken Burns effect (slow panning and zooming).

Screen brightness & dimming

You can adjust the level of screen brightness and enable automatic dimming when it's dark.

OTA (over the air) updates

The Display's firmware can be updated without a user's involvement.

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