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Outdoor Adventure App

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Send your location, check out the weather forecast, and communicate from any place on earth thanks to the connection with the satellite via hotspot.

Android App Development


Our client’s app works with a satellite hotspot to enable outdoors explorers communication with their contact list from anywhere on earth. Our goal was to implement the provided UI for the key features that allow users to stay safe and connected while their excursions.


The app allows users to call for help, share their real-time location, check out the weather forecast, send and receive emails & SMS. Outdoors enthusiast can stay connected in high mountains, at the North Pole or in other places where there is no signal.


Working with the Droids on Roids team is an all-around great experience. Internally, they have well-structured workflows and organized communication. It’s a transparent collaboration. There’s a mutual understanding of responsibilities and expectations across both teams.

Braden Software Lead at our client's company

App screens

App features

SMS and emails sending

Stay in touch with your people from your contact list. Send emails or SMS wherever you are.

Weather forecasting

Request weather report to prepare for your journey and stay safe.

Location tracking & sharing

Tracking functionality allows users to share their location with their contact list.

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