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An event app offering
advanced RSVP and ETA tracking
for simpler meeting up

We were responsible for:

  • Flutter Android App Development
  • Flutter iOS App Development
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See why our clients see us as a reliable long-term partner

We see Droids On Roids not only as a contractor of our order but also as a trustworthy partner who served us with their knowledge and skills. We appreciate their openness, flexibility, meticulousness, technical competence, and in particular, project management skills. Thanks to working in Scrum, we could constantly monitor the progress of work and flexibly introduce changes.

Michał Pachnik
Ecommerce Campaigns & Mobile APP Manager, CCC.eu

We were thrilled with the results. They were great at estimating the workload and forecasting the hours and cost involved. There was dynamic communication. It was impressive.

I especially liked that they went a step beyond the scope and questioned some of our processes. Then, they suggested ways they could do it better. Besides, their Scrum process is exceptionally well-thought-out. They make my life easy.

Max Zschoch
Co-Founder & CPO, HoneyBee

About Flutter app development with Droids On Roids

Don’t spend time building your own team. Start working on your Flutter app right away

If you are looking for a team for your app development with Flutter – you are in the right place. 

We are Droids On Roids – a mobile & web development company from Poland (est. 2011) offering full-stack mobile, web, and backend services. Being 100% office-based team of 45+ talented professionals, we serve clients throughout the world, mostly in the US and the UK. We completed over 130 projects – here you can see our works. One of our key specializations Flutter app development.

We would love to be a long-term partner for your business and take the whole Flutter app development process off your shoulders.

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, complete with a framework, widgets, and tools, that gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms (official Flutter website).

This toolkit has many more advantages for business and development teams than risks. It’s a great chance to build beautiful, high-performance and outstanding mobile app which fits your custom needs and requirements. Read the article about the pros and cons of Flutter.

If you choose Droids On Roids for Flutter app development:

  • we will create a UX & UI design consistent with your brand, and adapted to the newest iOS & Android guidelines.
  • you will stay updated on the current project status and have direct access to your dedicated team.
  • thanks to our 6-steps Quality Assurance process you will get a crash-free app with a robust code.
  • before we start your app development, we organize a Kick-off meeting where we define your role as a Product Owner, clarify every role in the team, set the rules we want to follow, and plan the work to do.

If you are not ready for your Flutter app development, we can start our cooperation with Product Design Workshop which will help us to clarify the business vision of your product. The workshop lets us be clear about your business goals, technical requirements, and the development approach.

Based on what we work out during the workshop, we create wireframes to lay the structure of your application out, and we prepare a detailed estimation with a split for each platform and user story. What is more, you get the complete documentation necessary to start your Flutter app development.

If you already have the complete documentation, don’t hesitate to estimate your project.

– Droids On Roids – top Flutter App Development Company

What makes us the best partner for you

Your project is our project: we’ll share ideas for the best possible outcomes

Risk-free trial

Try us for 2 weeks, retaining the rights to your code if you cancel the partnership

1st demo in 7 days

Receive your first working demo within 7 days of the project 

Transfer of IP

You are the owner of Intellectual Property rights at all times

Dedicated teams

Work with exclusively allocated team 100% focused and engaged with your product

100% office based

Visit us and work with us from the very same room in our brand-new office!

Agile driven

Our certified Scrum Masters ensure the efficiency of the team’s work

Pros of Flutter

The best possible time-to-market, lower development costs, and awesome look & feel

Impressive time-to-market

Flutter offers more dynamic – and faster – app development. Thanks to Hot Reload feature, developers can make changes to the codebase on-the-fly, and see them immediately reflected in the app. It helps them fix bugs, add features, and experiment with new ideas in an instant.

1 codebase, 2 apps

Developers write just one codebase for two apps – covering both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter has its own widgets and designs, which means you can have the exact same app on two platforms, while if you want to differentiate your apps that’s just as easily achieved.

Faster apps

Flutter apps perform smoothly and fast, without ever hanging or cutting while scrolling. It’s because Dart – Flutter’s language – compiles into native code directly, without any additional “bridge”. Besides, the framework doesn't communicate with OEM widgets, as it uses its own. Flutter UI delivers 60fps.

Up to 50% less testing

Given you have the same app on both platforms, you test less. We write roughly 50% fewer automated tests because we can create the same tests to run on both platforms, reducing the demands on our QA team.

Designs your users will love

Thanks to rich, beautiful, and customizable widgets, Flutter apps look and feel great. You can create your own custom app design, but also use readily available UI elements following specific platforms’ guidelines.

Same app UI, even on older devices

Your new app will look the same, even on old versions of Android and iOS systems. There are no additional costs for supporting older devices. Flutter runs on Android Jelly Bean or newer, as well as iOS 8 or newer.

What makes us the best Flutter development team in the market

Work with groundbreakers passionate about Flutter who inspire the community around the world!

Conferences, hackathons, meetups

Flutter Pub Meetup, Flutter Study Jam, #Hack19: International Flutter Hackathon, Let Swift, GDG DevFest – our developers engage in these events as speakers and organizers to promote Flutter and share their knowledge.

1st Flutter Ebook in the world & popular articles

We published the first Ebook about Flutter in the world which is read in more than 150 countries, and articles that are read by 10,000 people monthly: Pros and cons of Flutter, React Native vs. Flutter, and more.

Open Source contributions

We love to create code that is useful for the community, and to take part in improving great projects, so our Flutter developers actively contribute to official Flutter Open Source library, and to Bitrise Flutter integrations.

Research & Development

We are keeping up with the latest news around Flutter to optimise our work. Our developers research the possibilities the technology gives and implement them to our daily work.

Strong background in native app development

Our Flutter devs have strong background in iOS, Android & web app development. Being office-based team we meet every week to inspire each other and exchange knowledge.

Proven experience in Flutter projects

We have already created several Flutter apps in categories like music, lifestyle, and culture. These are “white label” projects, however, we can present them in more detail on a call with you.

Start working on your Flutter app right away!

Receive your first working demo within 7 days from the project kick-off

Not ready for an estimate?
Attend Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.