Face tracking with AVFoundation

Face tracking with AVFoundation

Face tracking is an interesting feature which is available in iOS since it’s 5th version. In this tutorial I would like to show you how to implement it in Swift 3.0.

Notifications in iOS 10

With iOS 10, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 launch Apple introduced the new UserNotifications framework. It supports the delivery and handling of local and remote notifications. Cool, but you can say that it was already possible through UIKit and classes like UILocalNotification or dictionaries for remote notifications. And you’re completely right, but these new possibilities, in particular, are extremely convenient and powerful. Take a look at it with me!

3D Touch in Swift 3.0

With the introduction of iPhone 6S, Apple presented new feature called 3D Touch. It is a new layer on device’s screen that can detect the force of our touch. 3D Touch allows developers to provide users with the bunch of new experiences when using the app. 3D Touch API can handle three different use cases of […]

How to spice up your app with iOS 10 magic?

Since September 7th iOS 10 Golden Master is available. That means in a few days there should be also the first initial public release of it. And that’s pretty awesome. I really enjoyed all the previous betas on my iPhone and can’t wait for the public seed available for everyone! But what does it mean for developers?

How to handle Featured and MVP in simple Android app

Introduction During my company workcation in Bali, I noticed that the main mean of transport in Indonesia are scooters, they are used by everyone and I mean it, EVERYONE. They are so popular, that they almost replaced public transportation. With so high number of scooters, there have to be a lot of them needing repair. It […]

Espresso Test Recorder – A quick How-To

Espresso Test Recorder – A quick How-to

A quick how-to on using the newest feature of Android Studio – Espresso Test Recorder

What’s new in iOS 10?

On June 13th people were sitting in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and waiting for the biggest Apple developers feast of the year – WWDC. They spent a lot of money, travelled thousands of kilometres, wrote myriads of lines of code to be a part of this memorable event, to hear what’s new in Apple devices microcosmos first-handy.

/dev/full on OS X

/dev/full on OS X

How to simulate ENOSPC errors on OS X

What’s new in Android 7.0 Nougat

What’s new in Android 7.0 Nougat?

An overview of new featuers in Android 7.0 Nougat.

Constraint Layout == Relative Layout on roids?

Sneak peek at Constraint Layout and new Layout Editor along with simple example.

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 3 - Launching another app

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 3 – Launching another app

Simple example of how we can start another app in split-screen mode

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 2 - Drag and Drop

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 2 – Drag and Drop

Simple example of how to handle drag and drop during multi-window

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 1 – Screen changes

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 1 – Screen changes

Simple example of how to handle screen changes during multi-window

Error Handling in Swift 2.0

Does it sound frightening? Not anymore! An easy example of how to implement a new error handling model in Swift.

Why do we love Realm?

Why do we love Realm?

For many Core Data is a synonym for an iOS database. Mobile Core Data appeared in 2009 and for five years was the one and only solution. Nowadays Core Data in iOS 9 looks almost the same as the first from iOS 3 SDK. That makes it a little bit out-of-date, especially in Swift app. Fortunately since 2014 there is Realm – new king in the database kingdom.

Reactive Programming Rx Swift

RxSwift by Examples #4 – Multithreading

When we are talking about Rx, often times it all boils down to connecting (binding) our data sources with UI. You can see it clearly in our examples – we are connecting data to UI on a daily basis. In previous parts of the series, apart from UI bindings, we were also talking about retrieving the data. […]

Unit tests with custom JUnit rules, annotations and resources

Some advanced solutions for unit tests

How to migrate Parse app to AWS – our story

Parse announced that they were going to retire on January 28, 2017. It is a big problem for all customers using Parse for their apps because they have to migrate all data and set up their own backend. We have already moved one of our apps and we want to share with you our experience.