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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, a mobile app development process consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Choose a company to design and develop your app

Research, analysis, and selecting a company to cooperate on your product with. Signing an Independent Contractor Agreement.

Step 2. Product Discovery – define what you want to create, for who and why

Clarifying your app’s vision, defining your product’s goals & its final users. Deciding which features are the most crucial in creating your MVP.

Step 3. UX / UI app design – determine how your app will work and look

Creating a User Journey Map, clickable wireframes, visual User Interfaces, and motion design (animations & screen transitions).

Step 4. Project kick-off & setup – last preparations before the start of app development

A Product Owner gets to know the development team and vice versa. Defining every role in the team, agreement on rules, and next steps, as well as configuring tools.

Step 5. App development with Quality Assurance 

App production with Continuous Integration: plan, code, build, test (and repeat). Ensuring Quality Assurance at every stage of app development with manual and automated tests.

Step 6. Preparation and publishing of the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store

Releasing includes uploading assets required by laws & promotional materials, beta testing, optimizing the product page/store presence, and everything your app approval needs to go as smoothly as possible.

Step 7. Post-development phase – app maintenance & further development

Detecting crashes, monitoring app’s statistics, product enhancement, and further development. Your app stays attractive, adapts to changing market conditions and users’ feedback.

If you already have a partner – a company that will design and develop your product, and you went through Product Discovery phase, it is important to kick your project off before the development team gets to work.

The goal of the app development kick-off is to define your role as a Product Owner and to clarify every role in the team. Project kick-off means also setting the rules you want to follow, and planning the next steps. This stage may have different forms, at Droids On Roids we organize a face-to-face or remote Kick-off meeting with every client, and it takes around 2 hours.

An important part of the last preparations before the app development is project setup. How do the developers set up your project? It’s worth to follow these points:

  1. Creating a repository for a project at GitHub or another web-based hosting service
  2. Continuous Integration setup
  3. Setup of the beta distribution tool on the CI platform
  4. Choosing a code architecture, libraries & SDKs
  5. Setup project in IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  6. Register the app in Google Play Console, Firebase API Console, and other services if needed