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Flutter News #5 | March 2024

What’s new about Flutter? Welcome to the new edition of our #FlutterNews – your monthly doze of Flutter buzz brought to you by our Flutter Team!

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Introducing the latest Flutter scoop! Dive into the freshest edition of our #FlutterNews – your monthly fix of Flutter excitement curated by our dedicated team!

Highlighting Flutter events


  • Flutter Heroes was a great event! Our Flutter Team Tech Officer Tymoteusz Buczkowski was there. Did you get a chance to meet him? Catch up on all the action here and stay tuned for the next edition! Flutter Heroes Official Website.
  • February was buzzing with activity as we hosted Fluttered Meetup #6 in Wrocław. Did you have the chance to join us? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for the upcoming events!


  • We are not getting bored this month either, as the BoilingFrogs in Wrocław are just behind us! Did you get a chance to join? BoilingFrogs Wrocław.


  • As for the upcoming events – anticipate the grand Fluttercon in Berlin! Brace yourself for an unforgettable Flutter experience. Fluttercon Berlin.

News that got us talking

  • We all know that we should remember about testing our app: Unit-tests, integrations tests… But have you ever thought of architecture test? Pavel Sulimau highlights its benefits and offers insights into what it entails and how to implement it effectively in Flutter.

Delve into the details of Architecture test by Pavel Sulimau.

  • We all love Flutters multiplatform possibilities. But still waiting for the one more step – real stable framework to build whole backend in Dart. Is Serwerpod the game-changing solution we’ve been waiting for?

Explore Serwerpod 1.2 Cyberpunk: A Leap Forward for Dart on the Backend.

  • What awaits us in 2024? We can’t be sure, but analyzing what changes are planned in the new Flutter Roadmap, we think it will be a very interesting year.

Check out the Flutter Roadmap for yourself.

  • With Flutter 3.19, a lot of optimizations and fixes have been added, but also new things such as: Deeplinking web validator, Windows Arm64 support and others.

See: What’s New in Flutter 3.19.

  • Together with Flutter, the Dart language version was updated to 3.3, which provides new features such as: Extension Types, Google AI Dart SDK and many other improvements.

Find out more here: Dart 3.3 Update.

  • The new Google AI Dart SDK, which allows you to build your own generative AI-powered features in Dart and Flutter applications by idiomatically integrating Dart with the Gemini API. What’s involved in integrating this package in the application?

Find out in this article: Harness the Gemini API in your Dart and Flutter Apps.

  • Tackling translations in a project can be a tedious task. Luckily, with the arb_translate package, we can entrust this job to AI.

Discover how in our article: Flutter App Localization with AI.

  • While Flutter enables us to craft stunning and responsive UIs effortlessly, understanding its underlying effectiveness is key. Dive into the mechanics behind Flutter’s rapid UI building with our article.

Read it here: Understanding Impeller: A Deep Dive into Flutter’s Rendering Engine.

  • As mobile developers, navigating UI adaptability challenges is inevitable. Discover how the team behind the Google Earth app rewrite for Flutter tackled this issue in our featured article.

Find it here: Extreme UI Adaptability in Flutter.

  • While we strive to create visually stunning and high-performing applications, it’s crucial to ensure accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities. Learn how to integrate accessibility into your project with our article seamlessly.

Ready to learn? Click here: Exploring Accessibility and Digital Inclusion with Flutter.

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