Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 3 – Launching another app

Simple example of how we can start another app in split-screen mode

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 2 – Drag and drop

Simple example of how to handle drag and drop during multi-window

Multi-Window Simple Examples: Part 1 – Screen changes

Simple example of how to handle screen changes during multi-window

Error Handling in Swift 2.0

Does it sound frightening? Not anymore! Easy example how to implement new error handling model in Swift.

Why do we love Realm?

For many Core Data is a synonym for an iOS database. Mobile Core Data appeared in 2009 and for five years was the one and only solution. Nowadays Core Data in iOS 9 looks almost the same as the first from iOS 3 SDK. That makes it a little bit out-of-date, especially in Swift app. Fortunately since 2014 there is Realm – new king in the database kingdom.

Reactive Programming Rx Swift

RxSwift by Examples #4 – Multithreading

When we are talking about Rx, often times it all boils down to connecting (binding) our data sources with UI. You can see it clearly in our examples – we are connecting data to UI on a daily basis. In previous parts of the series, apart from UI bindings, we were also talking about retrieving the data. […]

Unit tests with custom JUnit rules, annotations and resources

Some advanced solutions for unit tests

How to migrate Parse app to AWS – our story

Parse announced that they were going to retire on January 28, 2017. It is a big problem for all customers using Parse for their apps because they have to migrate all data and set up their own backend. We have already moved one of our apps and we want to share with you our experience.

RxJava – the production line

A bit different introduction to RxJava

Beautiful charts in Swift

Charts are lovely way to present complicated data sets. Everything seems to be easier when you can see it. One picture is worth of thousand words and the same can be said about charts.

Reactive Programming Rx Swift

RxSwift by Examples #3 – Networking

Learn how to fetch your data from API, chain requests and setup Moya with RxSwift! ?

Reactive Programming Rx Swift

RxSwift by Examples #2 – Observable and the Bind

In this article we will learn about bindings and how you can connect things in RxSwift!

Swift vs Obj-C Performance Comparison

Is Swift faster than Objective-C? This question has been asked so many times and the answer is still unclear. So I took the recent Xcode 7.3 beta and ran some tests comparing Swift 2.2 and Objective-C. The results were surprising even for me.

Rosie – Let’s Dive Into Clean Architecture

Review of Rosie – Android framework to create application that follows principles of Clean Architecture.

Reactive Programming Rx Swift

RxSwift by Examples #1 – The Basics

Start your adventure with Functional Reactive Programming and learn how to use RxSwift in your app development!

Android Flip Animation - Explained

How to add Card Flip Animation to your Android App

Read how to make your Android App more delightful using Card Flip Animation.

What’s new in Swift 2.2?

Swift 2.2 is going to be released with Xcode 7.3 and is supposed to be sometime in March to May of 2016. This issue is planned to be an intermediate point between Swift 2 and Swift 3 contains more changes. Actually Swift 2.2 only warns you about changes, when Swift 3 would not allow you many things you have got used to. But do not worry – I guess it is another big step to make Swift swifter.

IBDesignable and IBInspectable in Interface Builder

A picture is worth a thousand words. Simple and meaningful. Why have to setup whole view (meaning not only UIView, but all its subclasses included buttons, images or cells) with raw code and imagine how it possibly could look, when you can easily use IBInspectable and IBDesignable available in Interface Builder since Xcode 6? Exactly! Let’s try it out and take a look how simple it is.